“Die Sternendetektive” – Sternenband (Ganzer Film)

The fourth grader Alea lives most of the year with her cousin Lina, while her parents implement projects around the world for an environmental protection organization. Alea is very committed to protecting the environment. With Ylvie she finds a new friend who supports her in her endeavors. Ylvie is active in the canoe club and loves nature like Alea. Ylvie also enjoys spending time with her brother Aaron in nature. When Alea is struck by a stroke of fate, she intensifies herself so much in her commitment to nature that she even offends her friends. Only after meeting Esther, who had to suffer the same thing as her, does she find her way out of her situation.

Together with her friend and former school godmother Feline and her other friends, Alea investigates an environmental scandal and also fights to keep the family of the half-sisters Fiona and Leah. In addition to this case, the Friends of Nature help in other ways.

Feline's best friend Stella is dying to become a famous actress. She subordinates everything to this. This also leads to conflicts with Feline.

Will Alea and her friends be able to solve her case? Will Stella and Feline's friendship last? An exciting adventure is picking up speed.

Genre: detective story, friendship story
Script and direction: Birger-Daniel Grein
Title song: "Star band"
Text: Birger-Daniel Grein
Composition: Maximilian Mohr
Title song: Svenja
Title song production: Michael Korn

All those involved in film production volunteered and waived their fee!

The feature film is the pilot film for a series that can be found here on this channel in the future.

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